Magic Aadhaar

All kinds of e-Aadhaar PDFs, whether old or new format are accepted as per Government Standards.
Print Aadhaar Cards in both Old (2nd Generation) as well as New Colorful Background (4th Generation) designs.

PAN Card

All kinds of e-PAN PDFs (UTI/NSDL/Instant/etc.), whether old or new format are accepted.
Manual entry form for printing duplicate copies of lost PAN Cards.

Ayushman Bharat (PMJAY)

All kinds of PM-JAY PDFs (Ayushman Bharat) are accepted.
Gujarat Portrait as well as Karnataka and Other States Landscape formats are supported.

e-Shram Card

Print high quality e-Shram Cards which are usually downloaded in very low quality.
Use On/Off options to print with/without Background, and Show Original Option. This option is by default integrated in Scan & Print Option itself.

Scan & Print (🦸🏼‍Hero)

Print duplicate copies of any physical card such as DL/RC/ID Cards/Photo copy of anything using Image files.
Using Crop Presets you can print Voter ID, Aadhaar, DL/RC, Ayushman, PAN, e-Shram, ABHA, Jan Aadhaar, PMSYM, Ration Cards, Senior Citizen Cards, UDI, EPF, or any type of cards which is in PDF format.
By default, we have created more than 40 types of Presets in it. You can add, edit, delete any number of Presets as you want.

Vaccination Certificate

All formats of Vaccination Certificate PDFs (Domestic & International) are accepted in 13 Indian Languages.
You can print on Plain White PVC Cards using both full panel as well as half panel ribbons on any ID Card Printer.

Magic Identity Software Plans

Choose between the below options as per your requirements.

Self Service License Key (without Anydesk Support)

2,500 /First Option
  • Validity Lifetime
  • Free Updates 1 Year
1,500 /Per Option
  • Validity Lifetime
  • Free Updates As per Main License
800 /First Option
  • Each Additional Option ₹300
  • Validity 1 Year

Regular License Key (with Anydesk Support)

4,000 /First Option
  • Validity Lifetime
  • Free Support & Updates 1 Year
2,500 /Per Option
  • Validity Lifetime
  • Free Support & Updates As per Main License
1,180 /First Option
  • Each Additional Option ₹500
  • Validity 1 Year

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your queries below.

What is the validity of the License Keys?

All License Keys hold a Lifetime Validity. However, free automatic updates are provided for 1 Year from the time of first activation/renewal.

Is it mandatory to renew License every year?

No, it is optional to renew your License. You can renew it, if your free updates period has expired or, whenever there is a change in the PDF format by the Government.

How can I renew my License Key?

After free support period is over, you can renew your License by clicking on the link provided in the bottom of the software or else, directly from the Renew section of this website.

In how many computers can I register my License Key?

Each License will work in only one computer at a time. However, you have the flexibility to Unregister (from App Settings inside the software) and Register it (with the same License Key) in a different computer, as many number of times you wish.

My computer got crashed! How can I register my License again?

Even if you format your computer or, your computer is crashed/dead due to some reason, you can register it with the same License Key, either in the same computer or else, in a different computer (with OTP Verification Number sent on your registered eMail id).

Where can I find my License Key?

The License Key, after registration, can be seen by clicking on the View License Key button inside App Settings of the software. Otherwise, you can also find your License Key in your registered eMail id by searching with the subject "Welcome to Magic Identity" or, "Welcome to Magic Aadhaar".

I need help to install my printer driver?

We have provided User Guides for almost all printer brands in the market. You can download and install the driver by clicking on the first link in the User Guide. The guides also include the process to do the printer driver settings, so that you can get best quality output of the PVC Cards.

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